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Trucking Document Dispatch Services

Document dispatch services understand that hauling products from point A to point B is not the end of the day for truck drivers. Truck drivers are faced with hours of administrative paperwork long after their route is complete. Stringent requirements for paperwork must be met to stay in compliance with safety and U.S. Department of Transportation regulations. Insurance documents, log sheets, trip sheets, bills of lading, and accident/incident reports are just the tip of the paperwork iceberg. With all this paperwork facing them, truck drivers can feel overwhelmed. Document dispatch services can help.

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    Documents service dispatch: Mandatory paperwork

    Commercial truck drivers need to know more than how to operate their rig and follow state and federal safety guidelines. Completing paperwork is a significant part of the job. Failure to complete and file all your mandatory documentation can cause problems. For instance, receipts for all expenses during a trip must be attached to trip sheets. Whether you work for a carrier that will reimburse you directly for the expenses or you file them on your annual tax return, you must have documentation that meets the conditions of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Our documents service dispatch can help. 

    Here is a breakdown of some of the other required documents for which truck drivers are responsible:

    • Customs paperwork. This is necessary for truckers with routes that cross the border from the U.S. into Canada or Mexico.
    • Trip sheets. Every company has them, and they must be completed accurately if you want to get paid.
    • Accident/incident reports. Whether you have damaged freight or were involved in a crash, most carriers require a detailed report for their records and to ensure compliance with DOT regulations.

    Mandated DOT documentation

    Every truck driver carries a document folder in their rig. Inspections can go south in a hurry when truck drivers are missing required DOT documentation. As part of our documents service dispatch, we ensure truck drivers are never caught unprepared. Here is what we help you keep updated:

    • Authority documents that authorize owner-operators or drivers for carriers to transport freight. It must include your company name and motor carrier number.
    • Certificate of insurance lists your insurance provider and policy numbers, plus contact information for your insurance agent.
    • Truck registration documentation that includes your truck’s VIN, license plate number, and make/model. Information on the rig’s registered owner also is required.
    • Annual inspection paperwork that verifies a truck driver’s rig is operational and free of defects. Having the inspection sticker on the side of your truck is not enough. You need the supporting documentation in your official files.
    • Lease agreements are required for owner-operators and drivers who are operating a vehicle that is not registered under their names.
    • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) stickers and cab cards showing annual updates, company information, and expiration dates.
    • Electronic logging device (ELD) instructions must be inside your truck and presented during any roadside safety inspections.
    • Backup paper logs are required, even for truck drivers who use ELDs. DOT regulations state truck drivers must keep the equivalent of a week’s worth of driver logs.
    • Hazmat permits for both individual states and federal licensing requirements for truck drivers who transport hazardous materials.

    Document dispatch services for owner-operators and trucking carriers

    Find, negotiate, and book leads with our document dispatch services for owner-operators and trucking carriers. Owner-operators and carriers spend countless hours hunting down new leads and securing the necessary contracts and paperwork to start working with new clients. Propel Logistics takes the pain out of the process by helping you to build a network of shippers with freight needs that match your service areas.

    How document service dispatch works

    It is called mandatory documentation for a reason. Failure to comply means truck drivers may not get paid for their time. In some scenarios – like accidents – improperly completing the required paperwork can cost truck drivers their commercial drivers’ licenses.

    When you choose Propel Logistics for document service dispatch management, you can rest assured we provide competent and reliable documentation support. We track every load transported by truck drivers from start point to endpoint. Our weekly reports detail loads and miles, rate confirmations, and other necessary paperwork. We take the hassle out of completing required documentation so truck drivers can enjoy more downtime and carriers are covered for all mandated paperwork.

    Why choose Rapid Freight Logistics for your document service dispatch needs?

    Dedicated, devoted, and professional. They are the three reasons why carriers, owner-operators, and trucking companies choose Propel for our document dispatch services. We promise our clients good service, honesty, transparency, and the benefit of our business acumen in negotiating the best rates. Spend less time on mundane administrative tasks and more time growing your trucking business with Propel in your corner

    Document Dispatch

    Our document dispatch services are delivered with the same high levels of quality and professionalism as all of our trucks management provisions. You need a provider who can take care of document dispatch in the right way, making sure that documents are received on time and in full. Rapid Freight Logistics is the team to trust in this capacity.

    We serve this industry because we know and love this industry. We appreciate how critical services such as document dispatch are to the running of your business, and so we put your needs first.

    Why Choose Rapid Freight Logistics for Your Document and Trucking Management Services

    We have spent many years honing the services we offer to you, our valued customer. Over these years, we have developed a strong and growing customer base that is getting the very best out of what we provide. Read on to learn more about what makes our document management services so important to your business.

    • The Rapid Freight Logistics Team Know Your Industry Inside and Out

    We live and breathe this industry, working right across the United States — and even beyond in some cases — to help our trucking clients keep on moving and achieving the very best for their customers. When you work with us, you will recognize this insider-level of experience and expertise, and this will help you feel confident in what we can accomplish when we handle your documentation.

    • We Deploy Documentation Services That You Can Rely On

    All of our trucking management services are tried, tested, and designed for real, measurable success. We draw on data to measure the impact our services have on your business, so you can see the benefits first hand. With our proven experience, our team can complement your capabilities as a driver and logistics expert. 

    • We Offer Services Tailored to Your Requirements

    We take the time to get to know you and your business so that we can tailor our services to achieve exactly what you need. Your business is unique, and we understand that our services need to reflect this.

    • Our Team Provides a Stress-Free Experience

    It’s no fun trying to run your business with things like documentation management weighing heavily on your mind. We endeavor to provide a hands-free — and, therefore, stress-free — set of services. We take care of administration and other tricky tasks that could be holding you back. From this platform, you can build a successful enterprise.